Automated, Online License Server Change for ANSYS

From time to time, you need to designate a different computer to be the ANSYS license server for your company as one server is retired or no longer using a supported operating system. Historically this required a License Change Form be signed and forwarded to ANSYS, Inc. and manually process. ANSYS introduced an alternative, self-service method recently and the steps below can walk you through this procedure.

  • First, the ANSYS Support Coordinator (ASC) must login to the Customer Portal
  • Click on License Management in upper right hand corner of portal as shown in the figure.
  • Select License Server Change

  • Begin License Server Change
  • Agree to Click Wrap License Agreement
  • Add new machine (or you can simply select an existing server)
    • Specify if it is borrowable and/or laptop
    • Add new server to queue
    • Confirm network
    • Save, or cancel if you need to edit what you had entered
    • Select old server (source server)
    • Move to destination server (the new server or different server)
    • Submit for confirmation
    • Verify the new configuration on the next page and click Confirm (or cancel to edit)
    • The new key will be emailed to ASC and ANSYS team

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