Changes to Remote Solve Manager (RSM) at ANSYS R18.0, for Remote Number Crunching

As you may be aware (and even if you did not know!), there are quite a few changes made to RSM at R18.0.

The premise behind these changes is to have RSM provide a simple scheduling tool for customers that don’t need a full-blown cluster installation. This is good for a user environment with a small pool of simulation users. The advantage is that it is straight forward to deploy and use.

When a company starts evolving into using simulation in more facets of design, or when the number of users increases, 3rd party schedulers are suggested for deployment. Examples of 3rd party schedulers are Windows HPC, PBS Pro, and LSF. (For information on supported schedulers and other aspects of ANSYS software, visit this page.)

In cases where customers have the 3rd party schedulers, RSM serves as the automated data transfer between client and remote machines. At this point, job monitoring/queuing/handling falls to the 3rd party scheduler.

For instance, for Windows HPC, the HPC Cluster Manager interface allows you to see what jobs are submitted, the ID, user that submitted, core counts, etc. for all jobs currently running or that are queued.


This management software can be installed on any machine, provided the machine can ‘see’ the cluster headnode, though this is usually relegated to IT.

For cases where a 3rd party scheduler is not used, at R18.1, ANSYS added in a job monitoring interface. This will show all jobs from the user’s perspective (what that specific user has submitted from his machine to any remote machine). Looking at the following graphic, you’ll see that those are all jobs submitted for a specific user (me!) from a client machine to a remote machine.



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