The Impossible is Now Routine

Sometimes, during the course of doing what you might have thought was a routine simulation, you realize that you are doing something that didn’t used to be routine.  In fact, it may have been impossible without advances in software and hardware in recent years.

Recently, DRD was conducting stress simulation for a casting assembly from Davis Tool & Die of Fenton, MO. As the geometry was meshed and examined, small details of the casting continued to become evident and additional refinement was needed.  As seen in the images below, the model became quite large. Continue reading


PC Hardware Selection for Good ANSYS Performance

Join us for a webinar on Mar 11, 2015 at 8:45 AM CDT.

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Maximizing your ANSYS computing efficiency is critically important. DRD will host a 20-30 minute presentation in which we will cover the various hardware aspects when ordering a new PC workstation for your ANSYS products. Topics include RAM, hard drive speed and configurations to maximize I/O performance, processor comparison and selection via an internet website, and HPC benchmark data with ANSYS R16.

This webinar will be essentially a repeat of our webinar with the same title, which we conducted February 27, 2015, although we will add the following content:
– Review of ANSYS HPC Products
– Number of cores you can use to solve using ANSYS Mechanical, CFD, and Explicit Dynamics products.
– Additional information on hard drive selection including types of hard drives and Raid level.
– Information and recommendations for the ANSYS Mechanical Distributed ANSYS solver.

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You can download and view the webinar from DRD Expert Topic Page.